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SEO for e-commerce is explicitly aimed at maximising the benefits of selling your products and services on your website. When you don’t take advantage of e-commerce SEO, there’s a good chance your sales will not skyrocket and/or you’re leaving money on the table. It’s abundantly clear that a properly implemented and executed search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy can drive an increased number of online shoppers directly to your website door.

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The reason why e-commerce SEO is so crucial for a website starts with the potential buyers’ use of keywords in the critical searches they do. The basis of SEO is to attract as many organic searches to your website as possible; covering both regular and long-tail keyword searches. The trick is to focus on keywords displaying an ‘intent to buy’, rather than a request for information. This focus on buying intent in the phrasing of keywords is at the heart of a successful e-commerce SEO strategy.